GIVE THE CHANCE TO A  UNION FOR THE ELECTIONS AS THE MAIN WEAPON AND IF NOT DEMAND TO PROTEST Do not put politics first OR put the state First ‘And Corrupt Better Citizen First Do not put politics first Or put the state first and dehumanize better Family First familiarize yourself -4- Don't put politics first OR put 'state' first and Betray better be patriot first Don't put politics first OR put 'state' first and Materialize better Spiritualize Maturity first Don't put politics first OR put 'state' first and Sell ​​yourself better give Service First Respect yourself -5- Don't put politics first OR put 'state' first and Hate yourself better Civilize, believe in Love and Loving yourself Do not put politics first OR put the state ‘And better Condemn yourself first God and be a Believer Do not put politics first OR put the state first ‘and become greedy better Take responsibility SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM DRIVES "the STATE’ AND ABUSES WE WANT TO  THE CITIZEN GOVERN THROUGH AUTHENTIC LEGITIMATE REPRESENTATIVES HONORABLE AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES THAT IF THEY SERVE, MANAGE  STATE AND THE PUBLIC THING! LONG LIVE LEON jodido! -6- There are many isms that we have to erase but the first is to change the GAND CHANGE FOR PATRIOTISM AND SERVICE! LETS TODAY ONLY THINK OF NICARAGUA FOR THE FIRST TIME! The ONLY way is for the Citizen GET THROUGH A "MAJORITY VOTE DIRECT THE COUNTRY" NOT for MINORITY INTERESTS "! SM The National Coalition initiates this process and it should not be set back. We are One All and we are all ONE We can all criticize but ... with alternatives on how to improve TO REACH THE TRIUMPH so that it can be useful! And  THIS CRITICISM is complete but the intention is bad and should not be considered! UNION MEANS: A single purpose: A New Nicaragua with everything NEW!  The Lideragzo is TO BE won The Gob HAVE fail 3 times! with claim of the PEOPLE and with protection from the VIRUS HURRACAINE Let's take advantage of this void!  -7- NOW they are seen in POLITICS 2 TRENDS: 1 FIND EXIT NEGOTIATED WITH OM TO DO ELECTORAL LAW CHANGES AND HAVE CLEAN ELECTIONS 2 DO NOT NEGOTIATE ONLY YOUR EXIT UNTIL YOU REMOVE OM WITH A SECOND WAVE OF PROTEST QUIET MANFESTATIONS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE CAUSING MAYBE? An unlikely INTERVENTION BUT GOING WITH EVERYTHING UNTIL THE TRIUMPH! WITH SUPPORT MORAL ECONOMIC COORDINATION TRUMP'S CHOICE AND HELP WILL BE MORE REAL BIDEN'S HELP ONLY WILL BE POLITICAL! -8- LET'S MAKE PLANS TO …. The 2 TRENDS THE OM WANT TO ANNOUNCE THEIR COSMETIC REFORMS WITH BIDEN AND NOT TRUMP THE GOB AWAITS THE RESULT OF THE NOV 3 2020 ELECTION TO CONTINUE WITH COSMETIC REFORMS ELECTORAL LAW 331 AS ELECTORAL ANNOUNCEMENT JULY 14 2020 GAZETTE 129 OF THE APPLICATION PERIOD OF LEGAL PERSONNEL MODIFIED UNTIL JUNE 21 1.-https: // THE COALITION MUST BE THE FLAME Q ARASARA THE OLD! THIS IS THE TRUE SEPARATION BETWEEN NICAS PATRIOTICOS AND DOES  ARE NOT THE INTERESTED CORRUPT  NOT INDEPENDENT OF HEART BUT SERVILE WE HAVE NO OTHER OPPORTUNITY THIS IS OUR! You cannot be patriotic being neither chicha nor lemonade! SM WE HAVE OBLIGATION TO DEFINE OURSELVES THAT IS DEMOCRACY CHOOSING AND VOTING FOR THE BEST WITH CLEAR RULES RESPECTED WITH PATRIOTISM WILL KEEP COALITION! FAILURE SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION -9- A Political Program for The 2 TRENDS of the blue and white opposition WOULD: 1 Legitimize yourself through Free Elections with a great chance of winning or 2 Make this Government Officially Illegitimate de facto Inoperative and BROKEN Defeated with no possibility of anything other than dying " Steps.... 1 The UNIT and Political Organization is the base 2 International Support is the support 3 Both MUST give an ultimatum "to the gob to Take Back the Guarantees and Improvements Agreements already reached nationally and internationally -10- 4 …… .TRENDS Release of Political Prisoners and Safe Return to Exile 5 Preparation of the Electoral Reforms necessary to register a party or coalition to go elections 6 Clean Elections Observed Thus obtain a New Government, Organization and Administration in Nicaragua and this must continue to end with the other democratic institutional changes that the population requires. We must strive to q united we begin by changing the Government the Assembly and advance as quickly as possible on these points of UNION but a common goal: REMOVE OM THE DICTATORSHIP without getting stuck on either POINTS OF DIFFERENCE and if the OM does not yield, does not return guarantees, ignores PREVIOUS agreements does not remove the prisoners does not provide security for the return of exiles Nor does it make free elections, the blue and white opposition with the support of the united people must insist on taking risks for a chance to win in any way. OM must not have condition because as the economy yields and improve!